Whether you want to keep up with the latest trends or attempt to avoid them, parents need to know which baby names are hot and how they got there. Besides, it's fun!

Top 5 Names by State
Who cares which name is the most popular overall? You need to know which names are on top in your neck of the woods.

Popular Alternatives to the Top 10
Don't want a top 10 name but like the way they sound? Here are some similar-sounding alternatives.

Big Box Office: Celebrity Names
Would you see a movie starring Stewart Granger? It's no wonder celebrities change their names.

Tracking Naming Trends
(or How Many Williams Can You Fit in a Volkswagon?)

The rise and fall—and rise again—of the century's most popular names.

Let us solve your baby-naming dilemma!
We're pleased to offer a customized baby name consulting service for couples who would like extra help choosing the best-sounding name. We'll break down the sounds and rhythms in your last name and match them with complimentary first names. We will consult with you about your family history and other personal naming criteria to offer name suggestions specifically tailored to you. You will also receive a certificate with your surname's phonetic breakdown and a booklet with lists of first names that match according to sound and rhythm—sure to become a treasured memento in your child's baby book. For more information, please contact us.