Think globally, name locally. In today's cross-cultural marketplace, why not take some tips from parents around the world?

Who's on First?
Name your child Cancer and Dung? Some of the unusual names that Japanese parents would like to use.

What's Not on the List
The top 1000 has a lot of diversity, but not many Asian names. Here are some suggestions.

Two Sets of Names
Why stop at one name? In many traditions, parents give their children two sets of names—one English and one Korean, Jewish, etc.

Only in Utah
In a culture where big families are the norm and Smith is the predominant surname, appellations like Jeopardee, Abcde (AB-sid-dee) and even Rube and Pork Chop can certainly help a kid stand out.

Old-fashioned Pronunciations
A hundred years ago, Nina was pronounced NY-nuh instead of NEE-nuh.

Additional Online Resources
A collection of baby name links, including many sites that specialize in names from other cultures.

Can't decide on a name for your baby-to-be?
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