Let us guess: You and your spouse can't agree on a name. Or your best friend stole the name you've been saving for your little girl since third grade. Or you're up against a family tradition that goes back five generations. Don't worry—you're not alone. We interviewed hundreds of couples about how they named their children and compiled their experiences, advice, and warnings into the articles below. Naming your child is a very personal decision, but it doesn't hurt to seek advice from those who've struggled before you.

To Share or Not to Share
Should you tell people about the name you've chosen or keep it a secret until the big day?

Invisible Child
A cautionary tale about what happens when you don't put a name on the birth certificate.

The Pros and Cons of Unusual Names
Considering a name that's not in the top 1000? We're all for it, but please read this first!

Changing Your Name
The trials and tribulations of changing your first or last name as an adult.

Choosing a Surname
Couples aren't just hyphenating anymore. There are plenty of ways to solve the surname dilemma.

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt: I Have Four Names, Too!
Can't decide on one name? Use them all!

Kids' Choice
Should you let your first child get involved in the decision about what to name the baby?

They Call Me Baby Driver
What car manufacturers can teach parents about baby names—and we're not just talking Jetta, Mercedes, and Porsche.

Still need more help?
We're pleased to offer a customized baby name consulting service for couples who would like extra help choosing the best-sounding name. We'll break down the sounds and rhythms in your last name and match them with complimentary first names. We will consult with you about your family history and other personal naming criteria to offer name suggestions specifically tailored to you. You will also receive a certificate with your surname's phonetic breakdown and a booklet with lists of first names that match according to sound and rhythm—sure to become a treasured memento in your child's baby book. For more information, please contact us.