The Perfect Baby Name is a guide to choosing a first name that sounds good with your last name. Names that are pleasing to the ear are easy to remember—and if people remember your name, they think of you first for party invitations, job referrals, and social introductions. A great-sounding name can make your child more popular and successful in life. Just think of how many memorable celebrity names repeat similar sounds, like Lucy Liu, Wayne Brady, and Elvis Presley.

Unlike other books that overwhelm you with endless alphabetical lists and definitions, The Perfect Baby Name is the first book to offer parents customized advice. Using the most basic rules of phonetics and poetry, we explain how to examine your last name by the sum of its parts—
consonants and vowels, syllables and accents—and match it with a complimentary first name, the perfect name for your child.

What makes this book unique is that it offers more than 3,500 first names organized by sounds and rhythms, as well as baby name pronunciations in multiple languages—crucial for deciphering some of the more exotic names on our lists. And you'll find even more pronunciations here on this website. In the print version, we only had room for pronunciations and alternate spellings on the vowel name lists, but we've posted those features for all of our consonant and rhythm lists here, too. Plus, you're getting to see extras like charts tracking baby-naming trends, articles about naming customs in other cultures, and real-world advice from parents about how to find a name you love. What you won't find on this site, however, is the meat of the book: step-by-step instructions for breaking down your surname by sound and rhythm and lists of first names organized by vowel sounds. For that, you'll have to buy the book!